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Water conditioning bonds

Anyone contracting to do water conditioning work must provide evidence of a $3,000 performance bond or a $25,000 plumbing code compliance bond. The bonds may be filed with the Secretary of State, or if the work is performed solely within a city having an ordinance requiring a $3,000 performance bond or the $25,000 plumbing code compliance bond, the bond may be filed with that city. The bond would only be recognized in the city it has been filed. If filed with the Secretary of State, the bond is in effect statewide. The bond shall be renewed annually, and would be in effect for all work done by that contractor during that year. A $25,000 Plumbing Code Compliance Bond shall be given to the state if the plumbing services contracted for include installation or servicing of plumbing other than that defined in Minnesota Rules pertaining to water conditioning.

4715.5000 Scope and applicability.
4715.5100 Definitions.
4715.5200 Connection with water distribution system.
4715.5300 Equipment drain.
4715.5400 Location.
4715.5500 Regeneration sanitation procedures.
4715.5700 Equipment and materials used in installations.

Important information related to filling out each bond application is provided. Do not submit the application unless you have all the information that is required. A $40 filing fee must accompany all bond applications.

Download plumbing and water conditioning forms

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