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Workers' compensation -- Treatment parameters

Medical personThe workers' compensation treatment parameters are in Minnesota Rules Parts 5221.6010 through 5221.6600. The parameters apply to all dates of injury and all health care providers.

The purpose of the rules is to establish guidelines for reasonable treatment of employees with compensable injuries and to facilitate communication between the health care provider and the insurer. The parameters assist insurers and health care providers identify services that are performed at a level or frequency that is excessive, unnecessary or inappropriate based on accepted medical standards for quality health care.

The rules do not affect determinations of liability for an injury. The parameters do not apply to treatment of an injury or condition for which the insurer has denied liability. If the insurer reverses a denial, the parameters apply to all treatment after the claim has been accepted.

Guidelines have been established for some common work-related injuries:  low back pain, neck pain, thoracic back pain, upper extremity disorders and reflex sympathetic dystrophy. The parameters also include broad guidelines that reflect good medical practice that apply to all injuries. These general parameters also describe procedural obligations to facilitate communication between the insurer and the health care provider.

5221.6010 Authority -- Parts 5221.6010 through 5221.8900 are adopted under the authority of Minnesota Statutes 176.83, subdivisions 1, 3, 4 and 5; and 176.103, subdivision 2.

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