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Note: ePlans was updated in February 2018. View details about the upgrade here.

ePlans is a web-based workflow and collaboration system that allows applicants and our staff to partner electronically during the plan review process. 

 ePlans offers you an alternative to printing and shipping paper construction documents to us for review. With electronic plan review a growing trend in the marketplace, the ePlans system affords users several cost- and time-saving benefits including : 

  • Uploading documents electronically from the convenience of your office anytime.

  • Notations by the plan reviewer are added as an overlay on the electronic plans to provide clear direction for required corrections.

  • Re-submitting corrected documents from the convenience of your office anytime.

  • Providing users immediate notification and receipt and access to approved, stamped plans once the review is complete.

How to use ePlans

ePlans requires some initial set-up before it is fully functional. Instructions are included in the ePlans User Guide

On May 22, 2018, ePlans began using ProjectFlow, an enhanced workflow engine. If you are familiar with ePlans you will notice that the task list and eForms look a bit different after the upgrade, but generally function the same way. The user guide above is updated with instructions and screen shots for the new eForms. Please use the updated user guide for new projects created on or after May 22, 2018.

Projects created prior to May 22, 2018, should continue to use the older workflow engine through completion. View the previous version of the user guide for help completing a project started before May 22, 2018.

How to apply for electronic plan review

If you submit an online application for building or plumbing plan review, you will also upload your construction documents to ePlans. 

Our building and plumbing plan review application forms include a section for specifying whether the submission format for construction documents is paper or electronic. When electronic submission is selected, you will submit the application and fees to the department. We will record the application and an invitation to participate in ePlans is sent to the email address on the plan review application. 


  • For building-related questions, call 651-284-5857

  • For plumbing-related questions, call 651-284-5063

  • Email: