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Heating, ventilating and air conditioning - Minnesota Mechanical Code

This chapter of the state building code governs the installation and maintenance of heating, ventilating, cooling, and refrigeration systems. Examples of subjects regulated include, furnaces, ductwork, hot water heat, commercial kitchen ventilation, gas piping, exhaust ventilation, etc. The Minnesota Mechanical Code consists of the 2012 International Mechanical and International Fuel Gas Codes and the amendments to these documents located in chapter 1346.

 New license, certification and registration fees effective July 1, 2017 (PDF).

Licensing and bonding requirements for mechanical contractors

While there is no state license requirement for mechanical contractors, they are required to file a $25,000 mechanical contractor bond with DLI in order to contract to perform gas, heating, ventilation, cooling, air conditioning, fuel burning or refrigeration work in Minnesota. The bond must be on a form approved by DLI and written by a surety company licensed to do business in Minnesota.

Once a mechanical contractor has properly filed their bond with DLI, they must check with the municipalities in which they intend to work to make sure that they comply with any local licensing, insurance, permitting and inspection requirements. Although mechanical contractors are not licensed by the state, they are subject to local licensing requirements.

The Minnesota State Building Code is the standard for construction statewide, however, the code is enforced by certain cities and townships.

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Heating, ventilating and air conditioning documents and forms

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Mechanical code opinions

Code books

Minnesota's Bookstore sells a number of mechanical codes, including:

  • Minnesota State Mechanical Code (Chapter 1346)
  • International Mechanical Code
  • International Fuel Gas Code
  • Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations (NFPA 96)
  • Minnesota State Mechanical, Fuel Gas and Plumbing Code

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