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Advanced Manufacturing

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Advanced Manufacturing

Minnesota had more than 307,200 manufacturing jobs statewide in 2013, which is 13 percent of all private-sector employment. Manufacturing has the second-largest total payroll of any private-sector industry at $18.3 billion annually, and manufacturing pays an average annual wage of $59,565. That amount is 21-percent higher than the average wage in all other industries.

In addition, every manufacturing job also supports another 1.7 jobs in other segments of Minnesota’s economy - or about 519,000 additional jobs - meaning in all, manufacturing accounts for about 826,000 jobs, or 31 percent of all jobs statewide.

Manufacturing also contributes $43.7 billion to the state economy and accounts for 16 percent of Minnesota’s gross domestic product. Minnesota companies sold nearly $20 billion in manufactured products in foreign markets, and more than 8,600 companies had export sales in 2013.

Advanced manufacturing is the PIPELINE industry that currently has the strongest apprenticeship infrastructure in the state, including 20 registered apprenticeship programs in manufacturing and 125 current manufacturing apprentices.

View a map of advanced manufacturing employers using the PIPELINE Program.

Competency Council meetings are completed for the initial stage of the PIPELINE Program. As the second stage of the program continues under the new legislation, additional occupations will be identified and competency council work reinstated. Contact Annie Welch, PIPELINE Program manager, at (651) 284-5353 or Annie.Welch@state.mn.us if you would like to participate on the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Council or have suggestions for additional occupations.

Industry Council meeting presentations and notes

Feb. 21, 2018 Presentation Notes
Oct. 30, 2017 Presentation Notes

PIPELINE Program validated pyramids and occupational competency summaries (PDFs)

Related Instruction Inventory

The advanced manufacturing Related Instruction Inventory can be used by employers to develop a dual-training program (M.S. 136A.246 subd. 3). The inventory includes known education or training programs related to approved dual-training occupations. The inventory also indicates whether or not the program has been mapped to industry specific competencies. Employers are not required to partner with the training providers on this list. An education or training provider that would like to be included on the inventory can follow the Competency Mapping Instructions.

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